Business Ethics

requests every employee to do the right thing in accordance with applicable laws, moral criteria and company polices.

Human and Safety

The objectives of Skyline are to respect people, protect the environment and achieve sustainable development. It is the responsibility of company to provide employees with fair and respectful work environment. The company ensures that each employee has an equal opportunity to develop his/her skills and talents. Discrimination and harassment is unacceptable.

Sustainable development is of great importance in the operation and development of enterprise. The company is committed to achieving and maintaining sustainability by balancing short- and long-term interests, considering economic, healthy, environmental and social factors.

Against Corruption

Skyline does not tolerate any illegal activities including corruption, insider trading, market abuse, fraud, money laundering etc. Employees must behave in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Please let us know if there are any acts of non-compliance by any Skyline employee.

Fair Competition

Skyline supports free competition. We seek the business operation in a fair and ethical way. What we do shall conform to all trade laws and represent Skyline core values. We will not prevent others from free competition with us.